Backup&Synchronize Pro 8.1.334

Backup&Synchronize Pro 8.1.334



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: RD Technologies

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Backup&Synchronize Pro, a Windows application that makes it easy to create backups of your critical computer files. In addition to keeping your documents safe from disk crashes, fire, and theft, Backup&Synchronize easily performs routine file synchronization between one or more source folders and one or more targets including zip file and FTP server.Backup and synchronization definitions are saved into a script. The number of scripts is unlimited. Backup&Synchronize manages also meta scripts.Backup&Synchronize Compare function allows you to compare 2 folders, including zip files and FTP server. The Geography view is an active graphic to show relations between sources and targets. With a simple double click you can browse the folder, the zip file or the FTP server. Backup&Synchronize is able to copy or compress files even if they are in used and locked by another process. With Backup&Synchronize Pro it is easy to schedule a script or a meta script. It creates a task (even with multiple triggers) in the Windows Scheduler. Powerful schedule options are available. In bief :Back up and synchronize files between folders, computers, network, server.Support normal folder, compressed folder (zip file), network folder, compressed folder on network, ftp server.Synchronize in single mode (Source Target), in bi directionnal mode (Source TargetSource), and Clone mode (Source=Targer).Can operate multiple sources and targets at the same time.Send confirmation emailGenerates PDF report.Can compare any kind of folder(normal, compressed, network, ftp) Fast comparison algorithm (full or incremental mode).SupportAES encryption key for compressed folder.Can schedule script and meta script for automatic and transparent action.Can copy files in use and locked by another process. Support internal hard disk, external hard disk (USB, SCSI, SATA), USB thumb drive, memory stick, network drive, FTP server, CD/DVD RW/RW+.

Systems: Windows

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